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A Prestige box set for the film Yves Saint Laurent by Jalil Lespert - May 2014

May 2014


A Prestige Edition box set to mark the release of the film Yves Saint Laurent by Jalil Lespert starring Pierre Niney and Guillaume Gallien, May 2014. Including the DVD of the film, a sketch from the 1976 Opéras Ballets Russes collection, Pierre Bergé's book "Lettres à Yves" and reproductions of 7 greetings cards from Yves Saint Laurent (1971-72-73, 1997, 2000).  From the personal collection of Madame LR, who worked for Yves Saint Laurent Variation from 1992 to 1998, including her wardrobe, archives and memorabilia. Never used. In mint condition.

Dimensions: 34 cm x 24 cm x 6 cm

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