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Bolero waistcoat in suede possibly painted by René Gruau Circa 1940-1950

Circa 1940/1950

Light blue and beige suede sleeveless waistcoat entirely hand-painted on a musical theme probably signed by René Gruau. Commissioned for a play in the late 1940s. Two brown suede pockets on the front represent the body of a violin and a drum. Non-repetitive motifs painted on the suede relate to traditional music: lyre, piano, violin, lute, trumpet, flute, etc. as well as objects relating to musical representation: books, scores, music stands, musical notes, etc. On the back of the waistcoat are two faces, one happy and one sad, reminiscent of theatre with its two symbolic masks. Excellent colour and condition.

Dimensions: Equivalent to Size 40/42 France Front height 62 cm Back height 62 cm Shoulders 37 cm Chest 97 cm Waist 84 cm


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