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A Paul Poiret (attributed to) Embroidered Kaftan and Purse - Circa 1915/1925

Réservé pour un projet d'exposition avec les Musées de Marseille

Circa 1915/1925
France - Paris

Festive coat or sleeveless kaftan in orientalist style from the famous french designer Paul Poiret. Orange silk background embroidered with translucent tubular pearls, gold-plated washers surmounted by coral orange pearls, forming a field of small concentric circles. Borders of the edges scooped out under the armpits in rows of embroideries of ivory pearls, rhinestones and gold lamé bands. Matching flap purse. Salmon silk pongee lining. No label. Excellent condition of color and conservation except a very few fragiles parts at the shoulders of the lining.

This rare set comes from a family of notables from the 8th arrondissement of Paris who has the same model signed by Paul Poiret (1879 - 1944) but in another color. The most famous designer of the first half of the twentieth century, freely inspired by the East in released cuts from the constraints of the corset. He declines kaftans and kimonos in bright and contrasting ornaments. Paul Poiret is the initiator of great evening fests remained famous: the 1002 Nuits -Thousand and Second Night - in apotheosis of Orientalism on June 24, 1911 and the Bacchus Festival in 1912 at the Pavillon du Butard. After the war, Poiret continued in the path of ornamental splendor, as evidenced by this exceptional piece.

Dimensions: Equivalent French Size 36

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