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Gadget dress in paper and adhesive tape by Anik Robelin for Paco Rabanne - Paris Circa 1967

Circa 1967


Gadget paper dress created in Roanne by Anik Robelin for Paco Rabanne. Sleeveless long dress applied with brown, yellow and gold fringed adhesive tape. Press stud tabs on the shoulders. Initially a single-use dress, the paper is made more resistant thanks to a very wide nylon weft, it is flame-retardant, its feel is wadded and does not cause any noise, and it is absolutely crease-resistant. The claw is missing and the paper is very dirty. The adhesive tape tends to peel off. Fragile when handled. Only to be used on display as evidence of a disposable dress! Critical state of conservation. Unique piece.

Dimensions: French size 36 equivalent. Height 140 cm, chest 85 cm, waist 90 cm, hips 95 cm, shoulder 35 cm.

Similar model in the Musée des Arts Décoratif, Paris.

 "Anik-Robelin had three factories, one in Le Creusot, one in La Pacaudière and another in Roanne, 48 rue Saint Alban. The first paper dress made was given to Brigitte Bardot", according to Marc Liozon. The company closed in the 1970s. François Robelin, assisted by Parisian stylist Paco-Rabanne, presented his first models to the press: "Paper has many advantages," he says. For the price of four pairs of stockings, a young girl can wear an evening dress and throw it in the bin with no regrets! There's no need to worry about upkeep, and the next time you go out you'll be sure to have a different model. This 'gadget formula' has won over American women who want to make their lives as simple as possible. ". Extract from Le Monde, 18 January 1967.


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