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Hermès Scarf named Chiens et Valets by Jean-Charles Hallo Circa 1965

Circa 1965

A Vintage Hermès silk scarf entitled Chiens et Valets in silk twill printed in shades of blue, golden yellow and greenish. This is most likely the first edition of a design by Jean-Charles Hallo dating from 1965. A second, later edition dates from 1983. Fluid printed silk twill with hand-rolled edges. Motifs depicting 18th century hunting with valets blowing foghorns and a swirling race of hounds. Photos taken in daylight. Given its age, this square has a very supple silk with a few rare micro spots and tiny halos (see the last 4 photos). However, there are no holes. Average condition. This is a rare piece and the price is commensurate with its minor flaws. A collector's item!

Rating indicating Assez rare and Assez recherché in the book carré d'art d'Hermès by Geneviève Fontan at ARFON 2017 on page 76.

Dimensions: 87 cm x 84 cm.

260,00 €