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Hermès Carré or Scarf "Grands Attelages" by Philippe Ledoux Circa 1972

Circa 1972

Hermès carré or scarf entitled "Grands Attelages" with white background and scarlet red edges. Drawings in gold, red, brown, green, gray and black tones. Drawing by Philippe Ledoux whose first edition was released in 1972. Printed fluid silk serge with a red background and hand-topstitched edges. Motifs representing soldiers climbed on large horse and carriage. There are horse-drawn carriages, stirrups, soldiers in uniform and many horses showing the greatness of certain horse and carriage. Label Hermès at the bottom right indicating Hermès Paris and Ledoux signature in the same corner. This Vintage carré has been cleaned, presence of very slight traces on the red edges and a small halo (see last photos), the only flaw to notice and really difficult to observe. Carré for collection and related price. Good general condition of color and conservation. Shipping is not offered for this piece.

Rating mentioned Quite Rare and Quite Sought-after for the edition of 1972 on "Carré d'art d'Hermès" by Geneviève Fontan at ARFON 2017 on page 126.

Dimensions : 88 cm x 89 cm

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