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Hermès Carré or Scarf "Torana" by Annie Faivre Circa 1990/200

Circa 1990/2000

Hermès carré or scarf entitled "Torana" with yellow edges and drawings in shades of yellow, orange, red and blue. Drawing by Annie Faivre whose first edition was released in 1937, that is a later reissue from the years 1990/2000. Printed fluid silk serge with a red background and hand-topstitched edges. Motifs representing the Torana, an indian arch or an portico opening the enclosure of a sacred place. There are columns, plants, men and animals symbolic in India such as the elephant, the bull, the lion or the peacock. Label Hermès at the bottom right indicating Hermès Paris. Note slight discolorations of red on the yellow background and especially visible on the hand-topstitched edges. This is probably due to color migration during cleaning. Otherwise no other defects and prices in function. Good general condition of color and conservation.

Rating mentioned Quite Rare and Quite Sought-after for the edition of 1937 and Uncommon and Quite Sought-after for the edition of 1990 on "Carré d'art d'Hermès" by Geneviève Fontan at ARFON 2017 on page 221.

Dimensions: 86 cm x 89 cm

Under 400 €