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Hermès Scarf entitled Jonques et Sampans by Françoise de la Perrière Circa 1966

Circa 1966

A Vintage Hermès silk Scarf entitled Jonques et Sampans in silk twill printed in shades of blue and golden yellow. This is most likely the first edition of a design by Françoise de la Perrière dating from 1966. A second, later edition dates from 1991. Fluid printed silk twill with hand-rolled edges. Motifs depicting junks and Chinese boats framed by the prows of 18th century Indies Company ships. Given its age, this scarf has a very supple silk with a few rare and discreet halos (see the last 4 photos). On the other hand, there are no holes and the silk is very resistant. Good condition. This is a rare item and the price is commensurate with its minor flaws. To collect or to wear!

Rating indicating Rare and Quite Sought after in the book carré d'art d'Hermès by Geneviève Fontan at ARFON 2017 on page 145.

Dimensions: 87 cm x 85 cm.

450,00 €
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