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A Gabrielle Chanel Haute Couture Skirt suit (attributed to) Spring Summer 1961

Spring Summer 1961


Haute Couture skirt suit by Chanel, 1961 Collection (attributed to). Skirt and jacket in black and cream checked twine wool tweed, outlined with fuchsia grosgrain and navy wool braids. Hollow openwork gilt metal buttons (later changed) adorn the cuffs, four false pockets and skirt waistband with side zip. Salmon cream silk taffeta lining. The label, roughly sewn, indicating PAQUIN 50, Grosvenor Street, London, where the House of Paquin was headquartered when it was bought by WORTH in 1954, was probably added later in the 1960s. In fact, this model corresponds exactly to the one held by Chanel Patrimoine and presented at an exhibition in Paris. Only the buttons were probably changed at a later date. The removal of labels and their replacement by other brands is a frequent occurrence in the history of Haute Couture, not least because of the customs fees involved in leaving France. This model corresponds precisely to the codes of the House of Chanel and to the model of Princess Paola de Belgique exhibited in 2020 iat the Musée Galliera in Paris. A collector's item collected in London, which could explain its change of label. No flaws. Excellent colour and condition.

Dimensions: Equivalent size 36/38 france. Jacket: height 51 cm, shoulders 38 cm, sleeves 46 cm, chest 92 cm, waist 90 cm. Skirt: height 57 cm, waist 70 cm, hips 91 cm.

References: Chanel exhibition, Musée Galliera Paris 2020, similar Chanel model, suit worn by Princess Paola de belgique, 1961 (last two photos).

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