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Chanel Haute Couture Suit, Circa 1970

Circa 1970

Complete set of six pieces Chanel Haute Couture skirt suit from the 1960s. Chenille knit with brilliant effect, in horizontal stripes composed of chevrons in cream tones. Completely piped with white cord covered with golden fishnet. Buttons in gold metal. Two gold buttons to close the jacket. Two pockets on the jacket. Fully lined with ivory silk pongee with gold chain at the edge of the jacket, inside (not oxidized). Metallic zipper closure. Hand finishing.

Dimensions: sleeves 56cm, shoulders 43cm, height behind 58 cm, height before 57cm. Sleeveless top in similar fabric and pattern, small V-neck, two sides on each side at the bottom. Closes in the back with a 56 cm ECLAIR brand closure. Shoulders 48 cm.Height from the collar 48 cm. Medium skirt in similar, 66 cm high.

Closes with an ECLAIR brand closure, 70 cm in diameter. Set with two hats and a pair of pumps in similar fabric and patterns. Pumps with heels and round pointed toe adorned with a rectangle and flat knot. Leather interior, insole saying Gh Ghazerian Bottier, 10 rue Duphot Paris Opéra 54-60. Heel height 9 cm. Christian Dior béret made in France, white label with black graphics. Hold on thanks to a cellulose comb placed on the inner grain. Interior lining in pongee of ivory silk.

Diameter 19cm, Height 19 cm. Chiffon beret designed by Christian Dior Paris made in France, white label black graphics. Hold on thanks to a cellulose comb placed on the inner grain. Interior lining in pongee of ivory silk. Interior black voile. Central button of the same invoice as those present on the jacket. Diameter 17 cm, Height 7 cm. Good condition and color. Equivalent french size 38.

Plus: Very good tissue resistance and resistance to the passage of time. No tasks. Perfect example of chic and class in the French in this creation of Chanel, accompanied by accessories of other French couture house.

Less: Excellent condition and color, clean condition, no stains, if not a micro trace of cigarette burns under the left lapel of the jacket and some very rare areas of the chenillette behind the bottom of the jacket. These small defects are difficult to notice with the naked eye.


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