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Orientalist flapper dress in silk crepe France Circa 1925

Circa 1925

Ball gown or flapper dress in coral silk crepe embroidered with pearls and mirrors dating from the Roaring Twenties. Two long sleeveless panels with matching undergarment visible on the sides of the dress which is very scooped out. Indian-inspired decor with geometric frieze around the edges. Large mound of concentric circles in staggered rows at the base of the two panels, topped with large medallions, also present in the peaks of the large cleavage. Work of appliqué with white and bronze glass beads and small circular mirrors, referring to the Indian arts and crafts of the community of the Sindh or Kutch provinces. Very good condition of color and conservation.

Dimensions: Equivalent French Size 36 Front height 109 cm Back height 105 cm Shoulders 35 cm Collar 16 cm Chest 82 cm Waist 77 cm Hips 86 cm 

Positive Points: 

The Roaring Twenties develop an unbridled party sense with the success of the first post-war Music-Hall and jazz magazines. The liberation of the female body materializes definitively in these loose, short and dangling dresses of a successful wriggling and hopping dance, Charleston or Foxtrot. Orientalist, Indian and "Chinese" inspirations are fashionable and influenced directly by the great balls initiated by Paul Poiret and the artistic elite led by Serge de Diaghilev's Ballets Russes. This dress was presented at the exhibition "Falabalas, Portraits and Fashion for Women 1850 - 1930" which took place at the Museum of Art in Toulon in 2017.

Negative Points: 

A visible repairs at the back of the dress that has been stabilized (see last photo). Otherwise very good condition of color and conservation.

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