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A black and green iridescent feather Bibi Hat possibly by Maison Lemarié - Paris Circa 1960

Circa 1955-1965


An oval-shelled bibi "coiffé" waxed with superimposed rows of black feathers revealing iridescent green feathers (partridge?), like shiny beetle shells and dating from the late 1950s. The rigid shell is lined with Tarlatane to match the shape, and features a thin elastic band for a secure hold on the bun. The work comes from the tradition of French Plumassiers (feather makers), established as guilds since the 18th century, who worked mainly for French Haute Couture Houses. No label. Very good color and condition. Collector's item, also wearable today

Dimensions: head circumference 56 cm, diameter 24 cm, height 10 cm


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